Brenton Thwaites Joins DC’s Live Action Titan Series As Dick Grayson



Warner Bros is trying to find actors to fit in their DC comic universe and recently have had a fair bit of success. It was revealed on Friday that Brenton Thwaites has joined DC’s TV universe to play the role of Dick Grayson better known as Robin. However at this point its unconfirmed at this point whether Thwaites would be donning the costumes of Nightwing or Robin in the Teen Titans Live Action series.

DC comics is set to release its much anticipated TV series, Titans in 2018. Thwaites who has also appeared in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dean Man Tell No Tale’s will be leading this group of super heroes. We currently know little about the new show. What caused these teenagers to form a new alliance is still unknown but all we know is that Robin will have a hand in forming and leading the Titans. Some of the other confirmed members of the Titans include Starfire (Anna Diop) and Raven (Teagen Croft).

Those of you who read the comics would know that Dick Grayson initially started his super hero career with Batman. Like Bruce Wayne’s, Dick Grayson’s parents were also murdered in cold blood. It was then that the Dark Knight took Grayson under his wing. Grayson initially worked with Batman as Robin but later realized that he was never able to move out of Batman’s shadow. He decided to take on a new identity as Night Wing who later also emerged as the leader of the Titans.

It will be interesting to see how a live action Teen Titans would fare. personally I would like to see Thwaite’s character transition into Nightwing over a period of time. Whether that happens though remains to be seen.

Teen Titans the live action series release somewhere around 2018. let us know if you are excited for the project by commenting in the comments section below.