Breaking Bad Is Getting A VR Experience Courtesy Of Sony’s PSVR



The creator of Breaking Bad, Vince Gilligan, is also attached  to create a “non-game” experience  for PSVR.The PlayStation division of Sony is working on a Virtual Reality project that revolves around the much-loved TV series, Breaking Bad.

As per Variety, the platform holder, Sony, is currently in works with the creator of the series’, Vince Gilligan in order to produce a ‘non-game, virtual reality experience’.

The Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO, Andrew House spoke with Variety and here’s what he had to say:

“We set up a day at our campus where we brought seven of the best show runners [Sony Pictures Television] work with, like David Shore of The Blacklist and Ron Moore–who did Battlestar GalacticaVince, and some other folks. And they just played around with VR. Several of them were intrigued, but Vince was the one who said, ‘I really want to do something with this. I want to experiment with this.’

Although, the CEO, Andrew House, has not mentioned a release window as of yet and it’s for now not clear whether the experience is going to be episodic or a one-off. We are still unaware of who is aboard to run or appear in the project.

The hit TV series, Breaking Bad, ended in 2013 after 5 seasons, while a spinoff, Better Call Saul, is recently in its season 3. Both of the shows were produced by Sony Pictures Television.

Such collaborations are likely to make real good memories of Breaking Bad return on a very positive note, and almost everyone wants to see Heisenberg return to our screens in one way or another.

For now, this is all we have but if we get to know of anything else then we are surely going to be the ones to update you. Let us know what you think about Breaking Bad coming to VR in the comments section below.