Brazzers Let’s Plays Reviews Mafia 3


Yes you read that right, Yes Brazzers as in the porn site every lad visits occasionally. You may, get to see Brazzers Let’s Plays on the internet a lot more in the future; with the popular porn site recently releasing a Let’s Play video starring Nikki Benz and Missy Martinez as they play the latest title in the Mafia series,Mafia 3.

The duo try to make their way in the city of New Bordeaux in the seven-minute video title Porn Stars Play. Although the initial Mafia 3 reviews saw opinions divided when it came to actual reviewers, the porn watching population of gamers that like to visit Brazzers every now and then would feel a lot more tempted to buy the game if they see a couple of gorgeous women playing it.

Brazzers Let’s Plays idea isn’t the first time the pornography industry has tried to leap into gaming. Playboy Magazine recently started a video game editorial section, titled “Gamer Next Door”. Lots of porn parodies have also been made of many well-known games, notably Overwatch when it released back in May and ended up taking the internet by storm with many of its beautiful female characters like Mei and Zarya.

The release of Fallout 4 may have triggered this sort of thing, as the game had so many people hooked that it resulted in a major drop in Pornhub’s traffic cause most of their regular visitors were busy using their hands in other ways.

Although it is quite fun to see the likes of Brazzers, Playboy, and lots of other porn websites and publications trying to pull in more people through popular video games, it is only natural that this sort of thing would receive some gamers that don’t believe this type of stuff has any place in gaming.

Have you had the chance to take a look at Brazzer’s Let’s Play? Let us know what you think of the idea in the comments below.