The Most Important Announcements From Blizzcon 2017



Blizzard recently made some announcements at Blizzcon 2017. Blizzard’s annual convention for fans and enthusiasts. Some  interesting bits regarding Overwatch, World of Warcraft, Heroes of the Storm, Hearthstone and Star Craft II were discussed and we’re here tell you all that’s announced and revealed during the event with that out of the way let’s start with the most exciting announcement of Blizzcon 2017.

StarCraft II is Free To Play.

While it was stated earlier that the title will be semi-free to play but it looks like the folks at Blizzard decided to launch the title as a Free To Play game with access to the first single player campaign, Wings of Liberty, and the ranked and unranked multiplayer modes with no purchase required. The players who already own Wings of Liberty will be awarded with the expansion Heart of the Swarm for free while the final expansion Legacy of the Void will still be purchasable with real money. Microtransactions for cosmetic items and war chests will still be available in the multiplayer mode and for commanders leveling past level five on co-op mode.

Overwatch’s Newest Addition To its Character Roster ‘Moira’ and The New Map ‘Blizzard World’.

Moira was revealed as a new playable character in Blizzard’s most popular Hero Shooter Overwatch. Moira is revealed to be an addition to the support roster of the game with her abilities being able to damage and heal allies through using dark and light energy respectively. A brilliant geneticist with ties to the Reaper’s past.

A new map was also announced called Blizzard World its like a Theme park but of Blizzard imagine Disney Land but replace it with Blizzard World with the map referencing to many Blizzard franchises like Warcraft, StarCraft, or Heroes of the Storm and a ton of easter eggs regarding them. The map is for either payload delivery or attacking it.

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