Blade Runner 2049: Why There Are No iPhones In The Movie



Apple is one of the world’s most renowned technological companies. Despite numerous critiques of the I Phone, the brand has managed to build a cult following. The I-Phone sold around $205 million worth of I-Phones last year. Whenever we think about the future, Apple is one company that comes to our mind. However not everyone may share this view.

Dennis Villenuve, director of the upcoming ‘Blade Runner 2049’ film thinks that his version of the future is quite different from the one that we imagine.  This alternative version of the future would not be showing the digital era that we imagine. One reason outlines by Villenuve was that the universe not being as cinematic. With digital technology the job of an average director becomes quite boring as he has to just sit behind Google and do all the work. Such a depiction thus does not work for an action packed movie such as Blade.

Villenuve in an interview with that the concept behind the film was to ‘dream from the dream’ rather than ‘dream from reality’. To further simplify things he mentioned that although the movie portrays an alternate universe it does look into modern concerns.

The world we live in is consistently changing. Ecological and climatic changes are a reality and the Blade carefully addresses all of these questions. As reported by Cnet, Villenuve regarding the issue said that “Sometimes I had a strange feeling that I was more doing a period movie than a sci-fi movie,” He added  “For me, ‘Blade Runner 2049’ was like an edgy old sci-fi movie. It’s a movie that has the romanticism of old sci-fi.”

The original Blade film was made in 1982 and failed to address the questions of modern time. Many of the brands depicted in the film have now faded away. Villenuve aims to learn from those mistakes by coming up with a more refined product for Blade Runner 2049