Black Panther Could Be Amongst The Top Marvel Solo Films?

black panther movie


After Captain America: Civil War, Chadwick Boseman playing T’Challa aka Black Panther is finally getting his solo film. Fans are anxiously awaiting for the movie which is expected to be another Marvel box office hit. In fact the curiosity levels are so high that the movie has already broken all presale records.

Marvel through the years have developed quite a strong and robust brand. Its consumers and fans highly resonate the film and lead to one major block buster after the other. Black Panther as estimated by Box Office Pro is forecasted to clock in $150 million in its opening week . For a character to develop such a mass following only two to three years of origin on the big screen displays the power of the Marvel brand developed by Disney.

Black Panther is expected to earn $400 million in the domestic box office. The movie is projected to maintain momentum in the international markets as well with the potential to amass another $400 to $500 . If these projections are accurate the movie will be the second highest grossing solo movie in the Marvel cinematic universe falling behind Iron Man 3.

If it would have been 2017 we would have said that Deadpool which is scheduled for release this month should better watch out,but things have changed quite significantly. With Fox’s merger with Disney, forces would try to transfer the success of Black Panther to Deadpool rather than cannibalizing it. Disney with its super hero producing formula has truly hit a gold mine. Deadpool 2 followed by the Avengers Infinity War will allow Disney to construct a separate and yet significant universe.

As it has already been established that the X-Men will not be a part of the MCU anytime soon it perhaps makes sense to develop to separate universes and perhaps merge them at some point in the future.

With Black Panther Marvel has a unique opportunity to cater to a diverse audience, and it seems that it is going to grab it by both hands.