Black Lightning Will Be Heading To TV Screens To Fight Crime With His Family

DC Black Lightning


The Wolfhall takes a look at the latest update on the Black Lightning TV show

With the changing global dynamics and the meteoric move towards globalization entertainment companies have more challenges ahead. The demand for diversity is increasing and companies are now expected to cater to the needs of the more diverse population.

A few years from today, most super heroes had their origins from the USA and fought majority of their villains in that particular territory alone. Now the super hero revolution has spread across the world and in order to ensure consistent money supplies entertainment companies must be more creative.

After Marvel decided to give Black Panther a break in Civil War, DC has also decided to bring Black Lightning (Jefferson Pierce) to the big screen. Like the Black Panther, Black Lightning  also has a mythos spanning generations of his family. One thing that might make the show more entertaining is Black Lightning’s daughters that might also possess super powers.

According to     both daughters of Black Lightning Anissa (Nafessa Williams) and Jennifer (China Ann McClain) would possess super powers and be Lightning’s alter ego’s as Thunder and Lightning. Anissa the eldest daughter becomes Thunder, while Jennifer claims the role of Lightning. As per Comic here’s what Nafessa had to say about her role “For sure – for sure we do. Definitely. And he [Jefferson] doesn’t really agree with it, but we have a mind of our own, and we look up to him, so it’s definitely something we [Anissa and Jennifer] aspire to be.” McClain added that I was excited that I actually got to have the same superpower as you [Jefferson], that’s really exciting! Big shoes to fill!”

The show is likely be the first of its kind in which we get a whole family fighting crime. In addition after Wonder Women we will see another super hero show with more onscreen time to female super heroes.