Bioware’s Latest IP Was Announced Today; Is Called Anthem



Anthem, the game that was codenamed Project Dylan, is BioWare’s brand new IP and it looks great! EA showed off the game with a teaser at their E3 conference today. There will also be a full gameplay reveal at Microsoft’s E3 conference on June 11th so we will be waiting eagerly to see more of what the game has to offer.


The game seems to be set in a futuristic world but details are scarce. This is uncharted territory for BioWare. Anthem is rumored to be in development for a number of years and looks immensely promising.


Anthem was previously announced as a “live service” action adventure game that would be filled with content continuously as time progresses (such as the likes of Destiny) and it was expected to release in 2017 but has since been postponed. EA said that it was supposed to launch in the current fiscal year but has been pushed further and is expected to come out in 2019’s fiscal year.


We will be sure to get more details on the game as the year progresses and the release date draws near. It is good to see variety from BioWare, Mass Effect Andromeda had gotten hugely mixed reviews even from the series’ veterans and was plagued by bugs at launch. The game did no justice to the legacy of Commander Shepard and was an absolute embarrassment for fans of the franchise. Hopefully Anthem is a title which can write its wrongs , and it will be interesting to see what new information regarding the title comes our way in the next few weeks.


Let us know what you think about Anthem in the comments section below! Stay tuned for all E3 information because we will be covering it and bringing you the latest as soon as it’s released.