Bioware’s Anthem To Release In Spring 2019



Bioware is coming up with something amazing with Anthem, the latest entry by the devs into the shooter genre. The game will offer direct competition to Activision’s Destiny. Anthem is expected to have better and larger patrol zones/planets offering a new and vast world for audiences to explore.

Fans following the development were really excited on what Bioware had to offer but it seems that they will now have to wait longer than expected. The company announced recently that it was delaying the release of the game. The game is now expected to be released some time after Christmas, somewhere probably in the spring of 2019.

Anthem is a project that Bioware has worked really hard on. It seems that the Bioware team wants to make sure that the project is perfected fully so that it may not face the same fate as Mass Effect: Andromeda. For those of you who do not know, Andromeda was highly criticized for bad animation and bugs. There were rumors back then the reason for the game’s poor performance was that the Bioware team was comprising its efforts on the game, giving preference to Anthem.

First person shooter games are games that have gained immense popularity over the last few years. But most of them have been rather generic. Bioware currently aims to create a point of differentiation that is unique and certainly would give them the competitive advantage that it needs. The delay we think is a good thing. The developers would utilize this time to further enhance its features.

Bioware can take all the time in the world if it’s going to give us the gamers a product that will keep us glued to our TV screens for a good number of hours and hence I feel that it probably is a good thing that they are working hard to ensure that the final product surpasses the expectations of the gaming community. Hence a little delay may indeed give us a better finished product.