Bioware’s Anthem Is More Like Star Wars And The Marvel Universe Says Aaryn Flynn



Bioware’s Anthem was one of the few bright spots of E3 2017 , the title which was previously known as Project Dylan was one of the standouts with many praising it for its visuals and co-op features.

However there were some individuals who for good reason compared the game to Bungie’s Destiny and Bioware’s own Mass Effect Andromeda. The latter would be fair to say despite much fanfare didn’t live up to expectations and was perhaps the biggest disappointment for this year.

Recently while speaking  with CBC Bioware GM Aaryn Flynn talked about the in game mechanics , and during the interview he talked about how the game had more in common with Star Wars and the Marvel Universe rather than Mass Effect Andromeda. Here is what he had to say about it:

“It’s in a genre we call science fantasy. Very much like Star Wars, very much like the Marvel Universe where you see a lot of amazing things happening but we don’t worry too much about why they are happening or how they’re happening; the science of it.

Mass Effect is a more a real hardcore science-fiction IP [but Anthem] is much more about just having fun in a game world that lush and exotic and really sucks you in”

Previously the devs had themselves compared the game to titles such as Destiny in terms of quest where players can band together with their friends to complete a certain objective.

Bioware’s Anthem seems to have a lot going in its favor , and it has seemingly generated enough hype for it to be a mainstay for many gaming enthusiasts. It will be interesting to see the reaction to the game once it comes out somewhere around Fall 2018.

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