Bioware Explains Why They Didn’t Make Mass Effect 4

Mass Effect

PAX East 2017 is in full swing, and Biowares panel was one of the most exciting events of the Boston based gaming convention. The developer set up a separate dedicated space for fans to experience Mass Effect and, in an addition to that, also hosted a panel about the making of the game. The panel was full of interesting new information about the game, but it began with the most important questiom that has been on fans minds since the Mass Effect: Andromeda was announced: ‘Why didn’t Bioware make Mass Effect 4?’

Mac Walters, Creative Director of Mass Effect: Andromeda, explained: “We wanted the trilogy to end”. To players that have played all 3 original games, this decision will make sense, especially since Bioware would be hard pressed to make a potential sequel given the ending of Mass Effect 3.

Mass Effect 3 gave players a choice in choosing their ending, and this choice would shape the future of the Entire Milky Way galaxy. The games story changed wildly according to the players choices. Any potential Mass Effect 4 would have to link to the previous games choices and deal with the differences those choices would develop not only over time, but in the aftermath of the Reaper invasion.

Mass Effect: Andromeda cleverly deal with this problem by setting the game in the Andromeda galaxy, providing a new plot with a new cast of characters set in a brand new setting. This provides fans with a brand new game that deviates from the setting of the original trilogy while avoiding the consequences of the players choices in Mass Effect 3.

Mass Effect: Andromeda is Biowares newest entry in the critically acclaimed Mass Effect series.  The game takes place between the events of the second and third games in the original trilogy. It is scheduled to launch on 21st March on the PS4, Xbox One and PC.