Bioware Devs Tease Mass Effect Andromeda On Xbox One And PS4

Mass Effect

Mass effect Andromeda has been in development for awhile , and it is finally going to be released this March. Now the developers are teasing the fans with pictures of the game’s main slate on the home screens of both Xbox One and the PS4.

The games producer Michael Gamble initially teased the Xbox fans with an image of the game on Xbox One. When inquired how the game was running he said it was “Running Awesome”. You can see the tweet attached below.

Not to be left behind Ian Frazier the lead designer of the game also jumped in on the fun , and this time around he teased the fans of the PS4 by tweeting a similar image of the game on a PS4. You can see it in the Tweet attached below.

Frazier also teased that the marketing team had something good planned for the release of Mass Effect Andromeda as well .Frazier also recently confirmed that the field of view in Mass Effect Andromeda can be changed in the PC version. this is vital as it allows for the player to see more of the game’s environment, and this is critical for shooters on PC as it allows them to survey the game’s surrounding and reduce the chances of being caught off guard.

Also recently a new round of details concerning the gameplay were released via PC magazine , which detailed the in game changes made by Bioware for the latest installment in the hit franchise.

Mass Effect Andromeda is set to be released on march 21st for the Xbox One , PS4 and PC.EA has also recently confirmed that EA and origin Access members will be able to play a 10 hour long trial 5 days before the release.

Let us know if you are going to be one of those who will be playing the trial by commenting in the comments section below.