Bioware Is Apprently Working On A New Dragon Age Game

Dragon Age 4


We have heard rumors galore about Bioware possibly working on A New Dragon Age Game, and recent reports seemingly confirm this. At E3 2017 Bioware announced its new IP titled Anthem which garnered a positive reception, however it appears that work on a new Dragon Age game might be commencing shortly.

Dragon Age Inquisition was released back in 2014 and is amongst one of my favorite RPG’s of all time. The story ended on a cliff hanger as one of the protagonist’s ally the Elven Mage Solas was revealed to be the Dread Wolf , who intends to restore the Elves power in a process which might spell the end for humanity.

The hint about a new Dragon Age game comes from the series Creative Director Mike Laidlaw who in a podcast said that “something is happening with Dragon Age”,  and that the Studio was hiring a lot of people as it geared up for production.

The smart money would be on a Dragon Age Inquisition 2. Seeing how the story ended and the rich lore of the Dragon Age series , the creative team will have an opportunity to not only weave new stories within the Dragon Age Universe , but to also continue from where they left of last time around.

One interesting proposition could very well be the reoccurrence of Morrigan’s Son named Kieran who was conceived during the ritual during the end of the Dragon Age Origins. The ritual would make him the reincarnation of Urthemiel and free from the corruption of the Dark Spawn. It might be possible that we may yet get to see him make an appearance in future Dragon Age games.

Kieran was an integral part of the plot for Dragon Age Origins and very little is known about him and hence I think it would be an interesting proposition if he was central to the story of the new game.

Since the production hasn’t started yet the game probably wont be hitting the shelves until 2019, but hey atleast we now have an idea that something is being worked on.