Biomutant Dev Says Their Game Is Similar In Structure To Zelda Breath Of The Wild



Experiment 101’s Biomutant has been creating quite a buzz as the game is perhaps one of the most unique takes on an open world RPG.

During an interview at the Igromir Expo in Russia Experiment 101’s Stefan Ljunqvist talked about how the game is much more similar to Zelda Breath Of The Wild in structure. In the sense that the game is more open and allows you to find and interact with new characters, as opposed to Horizon Zero Dawn which Ljunqvist described as being a great game but much more linear in comparison when it comes to the story

He also talked about how Biomutant  will have a Tree of Life in the center of the world . The said tree will have five roots guarded by a sort of a boss for each root.  You can battle the said root boss’s anytime. If you can defeat a root boss you heal one root of the Tree of Life.

Oddly enough there is another way to cure the Tree of Life and that’s by giving it a hundred potatoes per root. 1 Potato cures 1% of health, and hence you can actually cure the Tree Of Life without killing any enemy.

He also said one of the inspirations of the game was Kung-Fu Panda because of its slapstick humor, and he also elaborated on DMC (Devil May Cry) style combat system . The basic idea is that of free flow , in which the player can go from one state to another. So for e.g whilst jumping you can shoot and enemies and then right before landing you can cut through them with your sword, and then again shoot with your pistols. Its all very reminiscent of Devil May Cry and is arguably what made it into such a big success in the first place.

There is also a ton of other info which you can check out in the video that has been hyperlinked below. Let us know your thoughts on Biomutant by commenting in the comments section below.

Source: DTF