Here Are The Biggest Trend Setters From E3 2017



It was one of those years when everybody at E3 had a strong show. No one failed, as Microsoft has in the current past, however no one truly sent stun waves around fans and the gaming industry comparably, like the Shenmue 3 declaration or any Metal Gear trailer ever.

E3 appears to begin earlier every year, with games publishers driving their question and answer sessions to the end of the prior week. EA kicked things off, however with no big announcements or news of the Amy Hennig/Jade Raymond Star Wars project, it didn’t set the bar high. This left the route clear for the huge three to take the spotlight, yet they didn’t.

Microsoft ought to have been all the rage, as they had the hardware launch scheduled for E3, which was the one and only project Scorpio now known as “Xbox One X” – a name deserving of a men’s razor. It appears they may have overvalued 4k gaming.The consoles specs are phenomenal but then again you gotta ask yourself does it have the required exclusives ? and the answer is no the majority of the games in Microsoft’s conference were third parties.

While news of the One X didn’t illuminate the web, Microsoft had an average lineup of games, from Forza Motorsport 7, which looked divine in 4k to an Ori and the Blind Forest continuation. Xbox One at long last has some exclusives to its merits this year, with Sea of Thieves to say the very least ” console launch exclusives “.



Sony’s show was clear and professional. Not so much talking but rather more trailers, with a sprinkle of showy behavior, for example, customary Indian performers, a sand waterfall and snowfall over the group of onlookers. There were few exclusives for PS4, though, no curve balls, aside from the Shadow of the Colossus remake and a couple promising VR titles. From the strong line-up of games and little flourish, unmistakably Sony is feeling good with its potential customer. In any case, ideally it will turn out all firearms bursting one year from now.

We wish Nintendo would return to E3 with something other than a video. There were no manikins this year and no enormous declarations, aside from Metroid 4, with no trailer or visuals. To put it plainly, Mario Odyssey and Breath of the Wild DLC should keep Switch proprietors entertained. While they both looking wonderful, Nintendo needs something other than first gathering regulars to inspire people to invest.

Ubisoft truly stole the show to the surprise of many. Unfortunately, Mario + Rabbids was leaked before the show, generally this would have been a major announcement, as the Ubisoft/Nintendo cherish in became the overwhelming focus. Next up was Assassin’s Creed Origins, with Ashraf Ismail exhibiting AC’s antiquated Egypt setting, which resembles an appreciated come back to the underlying foundations of the game.

That Beyond Good and Evil 2 trailer was a win on such many levels, regardless of many individuals protesting the swearing. Some idea it was excessively, some enjoyed it. Having played the first, which was a family-accommodating enterprise, the swearing was jostling, however I’m certain I’ll get used to the new, grittier tone.

Without Watchdogs, Splinter Cell or its staple AAA list, Ubisoft demonstrated that it was ready to go out on a limb. Thus far, they’ve paid off, if the buzz is anything to pass by.

None of the conferences focused on indies as much as they have in recent years. Microsoft probably had the most to offer with Ashen, Life is Strange and Ori and the Will of the Wisps, which seems like a strange rehash of will-‘o-the-wisp. EA’s A Way Out from Brothers developer was a welcome surprise and a game which seems to be one of the standouts of the entire E3. Even Ubisoft seems to have abandoned the Ubiart venture that gave us Child of Light and Valiant Hearts.

Notable absences were new Kojima project, Death Stranding, and Red Dead Redemption 2, however we did get news of a Final Fantasy VR fishing game, so all is not lost dear play chums.