Bethesda Trolls CNN After Russian Hacking Screenshot Debacle


One of the hottest stories in the past few days was how President Obama was ordering sanctions against Russia for its alleged Cyber-attacks against the United States. However things took a turn for the funny when CNN ran a screenshot taken from a mini game in Fallout 4 , and the menacing green neon screen will be immediately recognizable to anyone who even remotely calls themselves a gamer or has ever played a Fallout game. Here is the  image attached below.


In Fallout 4 , players can hack computers to unlock doors and safes and gain access to some nifty loot. Many of you will be aware that it is something like a word puzzle with the correct entry opening the gate for you, and its actually random guessing, and has absolutely nothing in common with actual hacking.

“If you want to talk about hacking on a major news network, your choices are either that or a scene from The Matrix,” said a user on Reddit, and I can’t help but agree seeing how CNN has made a mockery of itself.

To rub salt into CNN’s wounds even Fallout 4‘s developer Bethesda  got into the act and proceeded to poke fun at CNN’s expense, by alluding to the popular series Mr. Robot which is focused around Elliot who is a hacking prodigy and is trying to bring down a conglomerate called E-Corp through his hacking vigilante group F-Society. You can see the tweet below.

Needless to say CNN messed up big time, and by using the footage of a computer terminal in Fallout 4 it has provided gamers all around the globe a chance to laugh at their expense. (well done guys , well freaking done).

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