Bethesda Shows Off Gore-Filled Gameplay Video For Dishonored 2

Gameplay Dishonored

We’ve seen lots of exciting things at Gamescom this year, one of which has been the new game play trailer for Dishonored 2, the sequel to Arkane Studios’ incredible first person stealth-based action game published by Bethesda Softworks.

Similar to the Glory Kill Showcase Trailer for Id Software’s fantastic DOOM, also published by Bethesda, we got a glimpse at how our main character, Emily Kaldwin, utilizes her deadly and vast arsenal to bring her foes to their brutal demise. Through the game’s stunning visuals, the trailer showcases Emily making quick work of human guards armed with a deadly combination consisting of her crossbow, gun, blade and the mark of the Outsider; which she can use to tear them to shreds in a matter of seconds. A small but noteworthy detail is the improvement in vocal interaction between the AI once a corpse is discovered. Interestingly, the first game offered you the option to take a peaceful path or a murderous one.

It’s even possible to beat Dishonored without getting any blood on your hands, and the option to beat the game without killing anyone carries on to the highly anticipated sequel; although this game is confirmed to be a little over two times longer than the original. The trailer also showcases Emily dealing with mechanized sentries, which are a lot more difficult to take down than your average Joe guards.

The highlight of the trailer is the detailed look we get at Clockwork Mansion, which is the developers’ absolute favorite location to talk about and exemplifies the atmosphere of the game with. The unique trait that this location has is that through a series of switches triggered by the player, the mansion shifts its inner design completely and new pathways are opened for players to explore, giving lots of opportunities for exploration and discovery of secrets as well as Easter eggs hidden within the walls of the mansion.

Arkane has done a fantastic job with their level design and animation from what we’ve seen so far and you can check out the gameplay showcase yourself right here. Also, if you’re interested in reading more, do check out what Pete Hines has planned for Skyrim Remastered: Special Edition here.

Dishonored 2 drops November 11, 2016 for PC, PS4 and XBOX One.