Bethesda Game Studios Is Currently Working On Seven Different Projects


Until now Bethesda Game Studios which operates as an in-house studio for Bethesda Softworks has been very secretive about the projects they are working on.

Now Skyrim and Fallout 4 director Todd Howard has revealed that they are currently working on 7 different projects , one of which is Fallout 4 VR , which has been announced previously , and out of the 7 an as of yet unnamed mobile game is also included.

Speaking To IGN . He clarified that they have already announced two of the projects and these are Skyrim for Nintendo Switch and Fallout 4 VR. Which Todd says is going to a complete experience , and not just a gimmick which many gamers had feared would be the case.

He also said that the mobile project would follow in the footsteps of Fallout Shelter, which if you haven’t tried it is possibly one of the best games that I have ever played for the mobile.

Well that makes it 3 projects of which we have some inkling about, this leaves us with the remaining 4. Previously there had been talk of Bethesda working hard to launch a new IP , and there has also been rumors swirling around that there might be a new Elder Scrolls game coming out soon . However Pete Hines has continuously denied that an Elder Scrolls 6 is in development.

I think its more logical to assume that Bethesda is working on a new IP , and this might be a long shot but they might have also started work on Fallout 5, or who knows maybe even on  Fallout:New Vegas 2.

I have a feeling that they just might announce a new IP at their E3 presentation which will be held on Sunday 11th June.

So do you believe that Bethesda is working on a new IP or Fallout 5? Let us know by commenting in the comments section below.