The Best Is Yet To Come For PSVR Says Sony



VR the future of gaming and while it turns a year old it still doesn’t seem to be the center of attention in the community, the problem being the fact that VR tech is currently limited as well as expensive. Apart from Resident Evil 7 there arguably hasn’t been an AAA VR title.

PSVR is more or less in the same boat with the games that it’s compatible with being seemingly limited and more often than not considered gimmicks.

While the PSVR is a popular product from SONY with the device selling over 1 million units , there is still a long way to go before VR is widely available in the majority of households around the world. In a recent PlayStation Blog post this was brought to the forefront.

Sony Interactive Entertainment America president Shawn Layden stated,

“PlayStation VR was designed to open a doorway into thrilling and captivating new worlds that electrify our senses.” He added “We are confident that virtual reality is that next step in in the evolution of the videogame medium, with a collection of more than 100 gaming experiences designed to make your synapses fire, your heart race, and your muscles twitch.”   

He also laid information about the Apps and games the medium are set to receive in time.

“But we’ve been learning a lot about this medium along the way,” Layden continued. “Building the future of VR is a lot like creating a new language. Or maybe even an entirely new alphabet! With traditional videogame development, we can draw from nearly 40 years of experimentation, trial and error.”

“VR is a little bit different. Of course we’re still drawing from the long, proud history of traditional videogames development — but VR’s unique capabilities mean developing entirely different levels of artistry and engineering. Making VR a mainstream sensation will require the full efforts of our very best and brightest.”

With Layden stating, “I can tell you the best is yet to come” with over 100 experiences already available and 60 brand new ones ready for 2017 and 2018.

So it seems the future does indeed look bright for VR. it’s just a matter of if and not when.