Who Is The Best Distributor For The James Bond Films?


James Bond for long has thrilled audiences. There have been 24 movies of the franchise each gratifying their fans in a unique and remarkable way.Going through the James Bond journey we have seen the role of the Protagonist being played by different actors. There has always been curiosity as to who will play the role of the iconic detective. However this time around things seem a little different. This time the inquisitiveness is not over who the actor will be but as to which studio will market the movie.

Sony Pictures Entertainment for over a period of 10 years has the rights to market and distribute the movie. But the contract now has ended and Metro Goldwyn Mayer (MGM) and Eon Productions (Controllers of the franchise) are looking studio that will undertake the job in the best possible manner.

According to The New York Times, there are five studios that are fighting for these rights. Sony since 2006 has managed to solicit $3.5 billion from the film and is still contending for the role. The studio faces intense competition from four other studios including 20th Century Fox, Universal Pictures, Warner Bros and Annapura. Sony believes that it should be granted the rights due to its deep knowledge and customariness with the brand.

The contract being offered by MGM and Eon are one brand unlike the previous deal which was for four movies. Despite the new clause, film studios are extremely bullish and eager to compete for the franchise. While profitability for Bond films isn’t that lucrative for attractive having an association with a prestigious franchise creates brand equity for the distributors.

Currently it seems that MGS along with EON would go for Sony as its trusted distributors. But there might also be a possibility that MGS and EON want to try something new by choosing a different studio.