The Best Deals Of The Steam Summer Sales



The first day of the summer for those residing in the Northern Hemisphere is also the longest day of the year which has now passed by and with it the summer annual sale of Steam has come. With a plethora of discounts available on a number of different titles this Steam summer sale is one which you do not want to miss.

Along with the discounts, a mini-game by Valve has been added too where one can finish daily quests in order to fill up a book of stickers. If you are able to finish one of the fifteen pages then that particular page will remain unlocked on your account. These stickers are non-tradable hence; you have to complete the quest in order to earn these.

During this year’s Steam Summer Sale, there are no flash sales nor limited time sales but the games on discount will remain so for a period of time starting 22nd June till 5th July and those games which aren’t discounted will not be discounted whatsoever. This is actually pretty awesome as you can browse the store and search for gems as well. Lets Check out some of the bestdeals below:

Wolfenstein: The New Order (50 percent off – $9.99)

Darkest Dungeon (60 percent off – $9.99)

The Valve Complete Pack (91 percent off – $17.52)

Tom Clancy’s The Division(60 percent off – $19.99)

Left 4 Dead 2 (90 percent off – $1.99)

The Witcher 3 Game Of The Year Edition(50 percent off – $24.99)

Crysis: The Collection (75 percent off – $11.24)

Middle Earth: Shadow Of Mordor Game Of The Year Edition (80 Percent Off-$3.99)

So with a ton of different deals and discounts available ranging from Indie to many AAA titles , which one will you be getting this Summer? I personally went out and got myself Middle Earth: Shadow Of Mordor Game Of The Year Edition for myself.

Let us know which games will you be buying in the Steam summer sale by commenting in the comments section below.