Ben Affleck Might Step Down As Batman



The DC and Warner Bros have yet again be strictly scrutinized by the critics on Justice League. The movie which was seen to set the foundation of the extended DC universe still had some flaws. While many called it an improvement from Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, it still wasn’t enough to bring down the mighty Avengers.

If Warner Bros and DC had thought their problems were over they were wrong. It seems that Ben Affleck aka Batman isn’t quite happy with his role of Batman. Affleck might think that he has had enough of the role and there are rumors circulating that he might be replaced for the role of the caped crusader.

So who might replace Affleck? Well the news from the center is that Jake Gyllenhaal might take the helm. Affleck will also be stepping down from the solo Batman film that Matt Reeves is directing. Reeves considers Gyllenhaal to be the next in line for the Batman if such a development takes place. Any official statements regarding the issue haven’t been made.

The DC universe currently look like scrambled pieces of a huge puzzle. They are way behind Marvel and in desperation are bringing different superheroes together without proper introductions of the characters. A replacement of the batman can make matters worse. Affleck has appeared in two movies and a change in the actor might not be just right. The studio might also have to do a reboot which might again confuse the fans.

The positives however include Gyllenhaal’s acting capabilities. Gyllenhaal is quite the capable actor and might do an outstanding job. But starting things from scratch can be a difficult job for just about anybody who is associated with the movie business.

Will Jake Gyllenhaal be a potential worthy replacement for Batman? Let us know by commenting in the comments section below.