Is Ben Affleck Leaving The Role Of Batman?



Warner Bros and DC comics are the victims of constant bad luck. After Justice League’s below average performance in the box office, more troubles make way.  According to the Variety, Ben Affleck is backing out from the solo Batman film.

Ben Affleck was initially supposed to direct the film but later left the role. It seemed that Affleck would play the role of the Batman in the standalone Dark Knight film but the recent news states otherwise. Affleck will be appearing in a solo Flash film which is expected to be the end of his tenure as Batman.

Mat Reeves is supposed to direct the new film and would now be actively looking for someone who can play the role of the caped crusader. Earlier there were rumors that Jake Gyllenhaal will be taking over the mantle but they are just that rumors. as nothing has been confirmed as of yet.

The problems for Warner Bros and DC continue to mount. The possibility of replacing someone as the Batman could backfire for them . A new character would now have to be introduced yet again which might lead to a reboot taking the universe one step back. Something which DC has been guilty of in the past as well.

But considering the recent failures it seems that a reboot is a necessity. Reeves is quite serious with a franchise and aims to produce a trilogy of the batman series. He would need someone who is younger and fits well with the Batman personality. Maybe just Maybe we may yet see a Batman Beyond movie with Terry McGinnis as the caped crusader and Bruce Wayne as his mentor.

A film based on the Batman Beyond story arc will be a fresh new take and will allow a younger caped crusader to take center stage whilst still retaining Bruce Wayne as an important character in the plot.

Hopefully DC can sort out it’s troubles and gives us a movie which can challenge the critically acclaimed The Dark Knight. Sadly at this point of time it seems like wishful thinking.