BD-R and BD-RE Support for Xbox One and Xbox One S With Latest Update

Xbox One

Doesn’t really make a difference if you’re an Xbox One or Xbox One S user, you’ll definitely glad and excited to know that the recent update brings BD-R and BD-RE support for Xbox One and Xbox One S.

As tweeted by Microsoft’s Mike Ybarra, it has been confirmed that Xbox One and Xbox One S will receive the support for BD-R and BD-RE with the recent update available now. So, if you haven’t updated your systems yet, do it now and enjoy the high definition graphical media on your consoles.

Microsoft looks pretty determined and enthusiastic regarding the success of their gaming consoles, well aware that the battle of consoles has already begun. The addition of BD-R and BD-RE support for Xbox One and Xbox One S would definitely be a huge addition for both the consoles.

As already stated by Mike Ybarra that, “we have no intention to turn a PC into a gaming console and vice versa”. Still, it seems the fundamental motive of Microsoft is to narrow down the distance between PC and the gaming consoles and ultimately make both extremely compatible.

BD-R and BD-RE support for Xbox One and Xbox One S will serve as a bridge in closing the gap between Windows 10 and the two gaming consoles as Cortana is already there on Xbox. Cortana makes the user interact with the console in very exciting and quiet amazing ways.

Undoubtedly, after the recent update, BD-R and BD-RE support is a great feature addition to both of Microsoft’s gaming consoles, but there are a lot of features coming in due time.

A deeper insight into the features of the two consoles, Xbox Arena has a lot more to offer; Several cool features to the bundle of Xbox One and Xbox One S to compete and stay ahead in this royal clash of console clans.

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