Battlefield 1 Update 1.14 Out Now; Fixes Connectivity Issues

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The latest update for Battlefield 1 Update 1.14 has been released by DICE and is now live for users to play! This update concentrates on the lag and connectivity problems that a lot of players were experiencing while playing online. While this update was being rolled out and finalized, the multiplayer servers were made offline for a brief period of time while the changes were being made.

There aren’t any specific patch notes for the new update but the update is just in time for the most recent new map pack, In The Name of Tsar, which was released just two days before update 1.14 drops. This map pack lets players sink in to the Eastern Front and fight as the Russian forces to counter Germany and Austria-Hungary!

The map pack brings six brand new maps to the battlefield which are Lupkow Pass, Tsaritsyn, Volga River, Albion, Galicia, and Brusilov Keep. All of these maps are located on the Eastern Front of the first World War , and gives players a chance to fight as the Russians either against the German forces or the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

There isn’t specifically anything in In The Name of Tsar that might have caused the lag issues but it is common for games to get a patch afterwards a DLC launch that might correct what the previous updates might have broke (Rather unintentionally).

Battlefield is set to receive two more content updates in the coming year named Apocalypse and Turning Tides and those are sure to bring many more interesting maps and weapons to the already fantastic game. Turning Tides is something to definitely look forward to for all battlefield fans as it will bring amphibious warfare to the game! Apocalypse will focus on bringing some of the most important and gruesome WWI battles to the battlefield audience.

If you still haven’t fired up Battlefield 1 Update 1.14 yet, be sure to do so to check it out  and if you’re a season pass owner you’ll get to play the new maps too! Be sure to stay tuned.