Battlefield 1 Spectator Mode


Through Battlefield’s  Spectator mode players can join a live match as a viewer. This feature is present in both Battlefield 4 and Battlefield Hardline  but for Battlefield 1 EA wanted to improve Spectator mode by putting in additional features.

PC  players already had the ability to create cinematic experiences by using external mods and software, a luxury unavailable for console gamers.  Battlefield 1 though will have Cinematics Tools inside Spectator mode that will equip players with the ability to make creative video content and screenshots through built in extensive camera settings. Players will now be able to adjust depth of field settings like camera blur and focus distance while applying various filters like Sepia, Noir and even a filter that mimics the popular art direction from Battlefield 3!

The developers gathered feedback from around the Battlefield community and focused on improving the usability and flow of moving from player-to-player as well as switching between the different view modes (first-person, third-person and free camera).Spectator mode has been completely rebuilt for consoles.

EA Dice claim Spectator mode and its options are ‘easy to use’ and ‘controller friendly’ through shortcuts and settings available. Gamers will have the ability to hop into a match and record those beautiful Battlefield moments using these tools.

Users will find making great content to be quite easy. People who would like to fine tune the settings of multiple cameras in a match will have those options available to them which will able them to create a trademark look for their content. The developers claim they will continue to gather player feedback and use it for future updates.

We can’t wait to see the amazing content our fans will create with the help of these tools!

You can have a glimpse of the new Cinematic Tools in action via two Battlefield community members – ShadowSix here or Berduu here.


Spectator Mode will be available in Battlefield 1 in an update soon after launch.

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