Shots Fired: Battlefield1 Shames Call Of Duty Via Twitter Video


Recently, Battlefield1 put up a Twitter post which shades “a different FPS” player. This post is a video of a Battlefield1 multiplayer campaign that shows a team conceding against the opposing team with a caption, ” The other team must be full of people from… a different FPS.” Even though the one being targeted is not clearly mentioned but it is heavily implied that the post is directed towards Call of Duty.



Success Of Battlefield1

Within a week of releasing EA DICE’s Battlefield 1, it attained immense marketing success. This success even exceeds the combined sales of the two previous games launched by the company, Hardline and Battlefield 4. Also, it is being rated as one of the best games, currently. Battlefield 1 received a 9/10 rating on IGN as well as 88% rating on Metacritic.

The war between the two franchises is intense this year. Since it is difficult to tell which one is better between the two, both games have separate standards required for FPS players. If you have interest in outer space adventures and futuristic equipment then you will like Infinite Warfare. On the contrary, if you are a fan of realistic and historical combating and battling then Battlefield 1 will suit you.

Why People Hate Infinite Warfare

Since both the FPS are highly spectacular in display as well as mechanics but the reason behind people picking up Battlefield1 in place of Infinite Warfare from the shelves is the ability to take the gamers into a whole new experience for levels of shooting. The game is submersive is such a way that it gives a stimulation similar to a realistic warfare and the emphasis is hardcore as if it was set in a real life historical event such as WWI. COD: Infinite Warfare has not yet been released officially, but many individuals believe that the franchise is getting boring and repetitive.

Whereas, Battlefield1 offers to FPS players an experience which is not yet seen in modern shooter games. Disappointingly, many are unappreciative of Infinite Warfare’s outer space setting that they find to be too cliched and fake. But everyone has a separating gaming taste, indeed.

Which one of these titles tickles your fancy, and is Battlefield1 dig at COD:Infinite Warfare ingenious? Let us know  in the comments section below.