Battlefield 1 Server Status: EA Battlefield Servers Down Again

battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 servers appear to be having a problem as they went down for the third time during the past couple of days. Battlefield 1 servers were patchy over this weekend, and there were a myriad of complains from players all over the world who reported having problems connecting to the WWI shooter.

The glitch had been fixed on Sunday afternoon, however the servers seemingly crashed down for a third time, causing unhappy fans to lash it out on Twitter.

EA hasn’t updated the Battlefield 1 server status yet, while the EA Support Twitter page hasn’t even gone on to acknowledge the issue. We’ll keep you updated if any developments are made, stay tuned.

What do you make of this development? Have you been having troubles with the Battlefield 1 servers? Share your thoughts and views by commenting in the comments section below.