Battlefield 1 Now Exceeds 21 Million Players Worldwide



Battlefield 1 was 19 million couple of months ago, and now it’s 2 million up already!

Battlefield 1 is everybody’s favorite and continues to be so. The WWI shooter from DICE has hit 21 million players, as per the announcement made by the publisher, Electronic Arts; this is as of the end of June 2017. What EA said on this milestone can be read below (this was when it hit 19 million a couple of months ago):

“Battlefield 1 had more than 21 million players joining the game as of quarter end.”

After the next expansion pack launched, the game sales and revenue from add-on content will grow further for DICE. Basically EA has a belief that the game is going to continue to evolve as a content-rich live service.” EA even said that it is going to unveil some ambitious news for Battlefield 1 in Gamescon in the next month, August. Here’s what the CEO, Andrew Wilson, said in remarks:

“At Gamescom, we will detail our plans for a new offering that will bring the richest Battlefield 1 experience yet–including the all-out warfare, epic multiplayer battles and War Stories campaign that have defined the game, plus new maps, deeper progression, and additional fan-favorite game modes, all in a single package.”

Battlefield 1 is a first-person shooter video game developed by EA DICE and published by Electronic Arts in 2016 for the platforms PS4, Xbox One and Windows. It was perhaps one of the best shooters of the year 2016 but sadly it could not manage to outmuscle COD due to a multitude of reasons the chief one being the release of similar titles (Titanfall 2) in the same window , which effectively cannibalized sales.  Battlefield 1 In The Name of the Tsar is going to come out in September and it is going to be launched for all to play. Let us know your insight about Battlefield 1 in the comments section below.