Battlefield 1 Double XP Weekend Incoming

Battlefield 1 Double XP Weekend


DICE announced a double XP weekend but now these are common here’s whats interesting about this event is that its available on the Battlefield 1 but at the same time its also available on Battlefield Hardline, 4 and 3. Talk about being generous.

This is a golden opportunity for you to tune back to the older battlefield games and if you’re tired of using the now obsolete weapons used in Battlefield 1 and want all out destruction through the revolution technology present in the previous titles or want some high speed gun blazing chases present in Hardline. The weekend is also bound to feature a lot of players as more players will log on to the older titles meaning more matches availability so no more hard loading screens for games.

Battlefield 1 Double XP weekend is the perfect opportunity for you to rack up some points. Also as previously mentioned that due to Battlefield 1 Double XP weekend a number of players all around the world will be signing in hence a number of matches are an absolute guarantee for you.

Now for those who just bought Battlefield 1 this is a opportunity to make your grind worth it and rise through the ranks quite literally or if you’re a seasoned player who wants to get that gear you’ve been saving up war bonds for well now is your chance.

For DICE to open a double XP weekend for all four games is truly commendable and one of the reason its set apart from the rest of the industry. It’s great to see that that the double XP weekend will not apply only to Battlefield 1 and that gamers loyal to the franchise will also be taken into consideration.

Which game will you be playing this weekend Battlefield 1, Hardline, 4 or 3; let us know by commenting in the comments section below.