Battlefield 1: DICE’s WWI Shooter Will Feature Dynamic Weather


In a recent developer update, DICE revealed that they’re going to be stepping it up with Battlefield 1’s immersion capabilities. While the series’ classic environment interaction and destruction returns; a new feature that cannot be controlled by the player is featured in every single one of the game’s multiplayer maps; weather effects.

Each map has its own unique combinations with weather effects and this guarantees a fresh and immersive experience for both veterans and beginners of the series. Although it has been confirmed that the weather cannot be controlled by players and that events such as sandstorms will blind players and hinder movement, experienced players will be able to use these events to their advantage. DICE has stated that one of the main reasons that they’ve implemented this feature is to add even more realism to the gritty World War I atmosphere as shifts in gameplay will begin to emerge alongside different weather effects. In case of a dense fog appearing, unprepared players without access to shotguns and other weapons effective at close range will need to resort to melee combat.

One of the key features in the weather system is the versatility of rain. Although rain does not affect players’ perception, heavy rainstorms are bound to cause chaos as movement will be near-impossible to detect and players will need to rely on instinct and courage; even when flying, players will need to stay vigilant as pressure from rainfall can lead to their doom.

Rain will also have cutting edge physics; raindrops will be visible on weapons and wildlife will move around according to the rainfall’s patterns. Sinai Desert, one of the exciting maps for which we also saw a gameplay demonstration at Gamescom 2016, features lots of maneuvers that involve one of the game’s highly anticipated features, riding on horseback. Sandstorms that brew up in this map will not only affect your vision, but hinder movement for players on foot as well as on horseback.

DICE has also implemented small but appreciable touches through which weather affects the overall aesthetic of Battlefield 1. Players will be able to see the sun rise or set and rays will be visible even after it starts to get cloudy.

Needless to say, DICE is definitely going all out with immersion but they aren’t sparing any expense on the gameplay either, which looks absolutely fantastic so far. You can experience the exciting new dynamic weather featured in Battlefield 1 in the Open Beta, coming out on August 31, or when the full game releases on October 21. (Players who pre-order the game’s Early Enlister Deluxe Edition will be able to experience the full package on October 18)