Battlefield 1: Dice Asks Feedback For Game Improvements


DICE recently decided to ask its fans for ways in which they could further improve Battlefield 1. The community was more than happy to co-operate and many shared their suggestions regarding bugs, balance changes etc.

A few of the best can be seen below:

Unlocked Vehicles in Single Player Practice

 One of top suggestions out there asks to include the full vehicle unlock feature during single player practice for players who would like to enjoy every vehicle available, similar to how you can access all weapons during training. A player suggested that including the same feature from Battlefield 4 once again may certainly end up improving the experience for players who may want to take a ride in different vehicles.

Fix Revive Glitch

Despite this not being the ideal place to voice concerns regarding a game bug, this particular post got a large amount of upvotes because this is one of the most repetitive and popular  game bugs out there. When you get revived by a teammate, your primary weapon ends up disabled until you switch to your secondary weapon and then back to your primary one. This is pretty annoying particularly when you’re in a tight-spot.

Community Support and Server Tools

Dice has previously discussed these features and although we have confirmation that server tools will be coming to Battlefield 1 this post highlights the importance of these features not only in the game but to the community as a whole, as stated by Deity7777, “Game is fantastic for individual players, but it’s killing us on the community level because any semblance of community tools that we enjoyed from BF4 are functionally absent. We know they are coming, but the waiting comes at a community cost.”

All-Trench Map

This is might be the one of the most highly requested contents in Battlefield 1 since the recent map wasn’t quite adventurous enough and wasn’t a real step up from the present ones. One player decided to make a cool all-trench map himself which you can see right here.

Battlefield 1 is currently available in PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

What features would you like to see? Let us know in the comments section below