The New Battlefield 1 Class Specializations Detailed

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Battlefield 1 has a brand new customization option that is live now! Customizing your soldier with class specializations give you new bonuses and perks that can be equipped. These new customizations aim to enhance the strategic importance of all of the four main classes and to provide a certain depth to the game.

Assault, Medic, Support and the Scout classes all can take advantage of these class specializations that are specifically aimed for that objective. Some of the specializations aim for general use for all the classes while some are exclusive to one of the four classes. Three specializations are there for all the classes and they are quite nice for a general boost to all of them.

These are three general specializations:

  • Flak– incoming damage from explosions is reduced by 10%
  • Cover– incoming suppression is reduced by 25%
  • Quick Regen– decrease time before out of combat heal by 20%

There are other specializations that can be unlocked via Service Assignment. There are general ones and class-specific ones that can be unlocked to give your favourite class an advantage on the battlefield!

Each of the four classes have two unique perks for them and there are also four more general perks that can be equipped by all of them. Right now, this makes it 15 class specializations that are available in Battlefield 1 right now and ready for you to equip. These include damage reduction, weapon buffs and much more when you get into them so get ready to keep switching for the best combinations.

To equip your soldier with these new specializations, go to your customization screen where you select weapons, gear and then you can choose what specialization you want to equip over there. They will be under the specializations tab.

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