Battlefield 1 Beta Impressions So Far


Players forgot about the Battlefield franchise a long time back with a series of underwhelming performance. There was no innovation and users would experience the same aspects of the game over and over again with each release. However, Battlefield 1 has got fans interested all over again with many stating that the World War 1 themed edition this time around is the best experience they’ve had in the game’s history.

The Battlefield 1 beta is now in full swing and fans couldn’t resist diving head first into the game and falling in love with the visually spectacular setting. Going back into history the game is more methodical and slower this time, with machinery and equipment resembling the ones from the old days significantly. It is more grounded and realistic, featuring everything from an armored car to allies riding alongside in tanks and horses. World War 1 was the ideal setting for this game and DICE has executed it phenomenally, from the sound effects to the old age machinery and vehicles. The map of the game is huge, featuring a myriad of landscapes, several buildings, canyons, sand dunes and what not. Since the beta allows the experience of only two modes – Rush and Conquest, so for now users were only able to run around the maps and seize points. Also, the destructible setting is back in full swing on the game with DICE continuing to improve its destruction mechanics. Excluding the few minor technical glitches, the beta has had a pretty strong first impression amongst users, with almost all of them eager to try out the full version at one.

For now the beta is out there running with no end date set at the moment, so do check it out if you have a few hours at hand to spare. Fans will be definitely enthusiastic for the game’s complete release, ecstatic that EA and DICE finally made things right with the franchise by shifting its setting to WW1. Have you tried out the beta edition yet? Did you like it? Do you think WW1 is the ideal setting for Battlefield? How excited are you for its release? Share your valuable thoughts and views by commenting in the comments section below.

Battlefield 1 is set to be released on October 21 on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.