Battle Chasers : Nightwar Preview

Battle Chasers;Nightwar

Battle Chasers: Nightwar  was originally a comic series from the late ’90s featuring a fantasy RPG-style group of heroes and their adventures. The series unfortunately ended on a cliffhanger. Now thanks to Kickstarter, the original creator Joe Madureira was able attain the necessary funds to develop a game continuing the adventure nearly a decade after the end of the comic. We had a glimpse of it at E3 2016, and the game seems to be quite interesting.

Battle Chasers is a turn-based JRPG. It will consist of a three-person party, there will be a wide selection of playable characters from the comic to choose from. In the demo version, we witnessed Calibretto, Garrison and Gully in action. When exploring dungeons once a player encounters an enemy, the game enters combat mode switching to a side view, placing heroes on the left and the villains on the right. The turn order which is located at the bottom of the screen displays when each character is going to act. Once a character’s turn arrives, they may choose to take an action. Each character has two quick attacks that can go off right away and special abilities that can do more damage, heal, or cause serious status effects but absorb previous mana to cast.

Battle Chasers


Conserving Mana is important in Battle Chasers, if you use it too often, you’ll run dry. Quick attacks may not deal too much damage, but they end up building Overcharge, which is similar to a temporary MP boost. Although it only lasts for the fight in progress, it enables you to build up MP that won’t get wasted. It will be up to you to decide whether it’s worth using up your mana straight away or to build up a buffer so you don’t run out.

Fighting will also build up your Burst meter, which remains between fights. Each character possesses a powerful Burst attack that will deplete the Burst meter. All characters share the Burst meter which is kind of similar to a Limit Break in Final Fantasy.

Dungeon exploration is a vital part of the game. Each character has unique abilities they can use for a limited number of times, For instance Gully can smash the ground with her oversized fists to stun enemies. The dungeons include traps and puzzles, the latter can be used to unlock powerful loot but may also house dangerous enemies, like mimic chests

Historically games that are based upon comics have failed to live up to expectations, however based upon the aesthetically pleasing visuals, compelling exploration , and an interesting story the JRPG does have the potential to be a sleeper hit next year.