Will We Ever See Batman Beyond In Mainstream Media?



The Wolfhall takes a look if Batman Beyond will ever be made into a major movie or at the very least a video game.

Christopher Nolan is someone who many would describe as a pure genius. Nolan an already reputed director showed us his brilliance when he bestowed as with the Batman Trilogy, a series that most would consider the epitome of super hero films. Nolan redefined the super hero landscape and challenged the conventional way of thinking. Nolan has inflicted a deep sense of closeness to the Batman character. The current success of super hero films has more to do with Nolan than anyone out there.

The Batman: Dark Knight Rising concluded the Batman series. Nolan fared us with goodbye’s and left a whole new story plot for future directors to work with. Unfortunately, no one has taken the helm from Nolan now and it would be interesting to see if anyone dares challenge the legacy that Nolan has left behind.

The current Batman star, Ben Affleck teased us about directing a solo Batman film featuring Deathstroke. But after the negative reviews of Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, he decided to take a back seat and leave the idea in jitters. Now once again Warner Bros and DC are looking for someone who can direct the Batman film.

Most fans after Nolan’s exceptional work are quite familiar with the Batman movie. We feel that its time for Warner Bros and DC to extend the Batman universe further by adding additional characters. In Batman Vs Superman fans were given hints on how Batman couldn’t save his loved ones. He had a Robin suit which said that the Joke is on you. Fans however weren’t given an exact context on the issue. We feel that DC should explore new characters including Robin, Nightwing and Bat Girl. While on it they should also consider passing the Batman Legacy from Bruce Wayne to Terry Mcginnis as the new Batman.

Comic book fans may be familiar with all of these characters and know the origin stories well. However, the other more recent fans are quite new to the Batman universe and quite interested about his apprentices. Other than the TV and movie audience there is also the gaming audience. Players who have ended Batman Arkham Knight are often found confused over Dick Greyson’s past and the reasons that led him to become the Arkham Knight.

Another thing that leaves many confused is the selection criteria of Batman choosing his successor. We all may have a vague idea as to who Robin, Nightwing and Batman Beyond were but the question that comes to mind is why only Tarry was chosen to his successor despite Dick Greyson and Jason Todd being perfect fits for the role.

Many fans are hoping that if a Batman Beyond movie were to come to life it should be done by the famous filmmaker Denis Villeneuve. Villeneuve in the past has produced some famous blockbuster. One of his most recent works is Blade Runner 2049 which has also validated Villeneuve’s brilliant story telling ability. The Blade Runner is a movie that depicts the futuristic version of our world.

Batman Beyond as a name suggests is also a futuristic version of Batman. It depicts a younger, more agile version of Batman equipped with technology that even transcends that of the current Batman. Villeneuve who has done quite a good job for Blade Runner 2049 would be the best person to do this job.

Batman Beyond’s animated series has received quite a lot of support from the fans and if adapted properly to the big screen can set the way forward for Warner Bros. It has perhaps one of the best opening sequences ever , and is known for it’s terrific story telling. But Warner Bros should not hurry things and take it slow. They should learn from Marvel on how individual super hero movies were culminated into one. DC should follow a similar strategy and try to slowly familiarize the fans with the extended version rather than hurrying up things and throwing everything all at once.

It would be great to see a Batman Beyond movie come to life. What do you think? Let us know by commenting in the comments section below.