Here Is What You Can Expect From Batman And Harley Quinn



The Wolfhall takes a look at what can be expected from the upcoming Batman and Harley Quinn animated film

One super hero that stands out among all the others is Batman. Although Batman has no super powers he is quite a lethal opponent and is often underestimated by people who think that having extraordinary powers is everything. Batman doesn’t need any super powers. His above average thinking capacity, exceptional training and intimidating attitude sends him light years ahead of the average super hero.

Bob Kane and Bill Finger were the ones who created the Batman. They brought the iconic character to the comic scene. But as time passed by the character was upgraded and turned into a legend. Much of this credit should be given to Bruce Timm. Timm created Batman: The Animated Series and made sure that the character reached a wider audience base.

Both DC and Marvel have made animations of their super heroes but the fan following of Batman is unprecedented. Batman is by far considered one of the best cartoons of all time and Timm has undertaken significant effort to make sure that this feat was achieved. Now a new film of Batman, Batman and Harley Quinn is set to make way to theatres it is being made by Timm himself.

The new film would feature Poison Ivy and The Floronic Man as the main villains. Batman will team up with Night Wing and Harley Quinn to bring the enemies down. As reported by Heroic Hollywood here’s what Timm had to say about the new film “Technically, the basic idea of it is very similar to an episode that we actually did in the classic B:TAS series called “Harley Quinnade,” which was kind of ’48 Hours’ with Harley Quinn. So this is structurally kind of similar to that, but with Poison Ivy instead of The Joker and other different story elements to it. But the basic setup is the same; like I said, it’s like ’48 Hours’ but with supervillains, so that was the initial idea, and let’s hope it does really really well!”