Could Barry Allen Turn Into A Villain On Flash Season 3?

The Flash

We all know Barry Allen aka The Flash as the savior and hero of Central City, putting every threat to the city at bay while he’s around. Seeing the Scarlet Speedster turn into an alter ego version of himself and become a threat to the city would be quite surprising, since fans are used to Barry putting on the red suit and coming to their rescue. However, Executive Producer of the show ‘Andrew Kreisberg’ recently insinuated on what might turn out to be the worst portrayal of Barry Allen.

The EP recently had a conversation with Entertainment Weekly, during which he confirmed that Barry will be retaining his powers on the show even though the flashpoint arc is set to happen. However Andrew also added, “One of the themes is what does it mean to have power, what you do with that power, and is power ultimately corrupting?” This had fans speculating if Barry would turn into a villain and become a threat himself to the city considering the producer hints the involvement of corruption of power.

It’s unlikely that we’ll get to witness Barry turn into a complete bad guy using his powers against the city, since he’s obviously the show’s main character. However, we could see a change in his attitude and perhaps a lean towards the other side suggesting an alter ego version of himself. Though the move would be a change and exciting for some fans, most of us would like to see Barry carry on doing what he does best.

The central city hero did go back in time and rewrite the course of history ruining and disrupting the timeline without deliberating its impact on the rest. Does he regret his actions and step over a line too far correcting him? Or does Barry finally see something in the other side that attracts him? Do you really see Barry letting power get to his head and corrupting him? Share your thoughts, opinions and views by commenting in the comments section below.