Barry Allen And The Thinker: Friend Or Foe?

The Flash -- Image Number: FLA_S4_NovSwp_Wk4.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Grant Gustin as Barry Allen and Neil Sandilands as The Thinker -- Photo: The CW -- © 2017 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.


We take a look at the latest poster of Flash’s season 4 which depicts Barry and The Thinker and the battle that’s about to come

The new poster of the Flash season 4 is out and it looks cool. Barry Allen is shown facing the side face of thinker with the caption below, “Let the mind games begin”. The poster seems to take us away from the conventional nature of the Flash show depicted in the last three seasons. We feel that things in the fourth season may just get darker and more twisted.

From the poster the Thinker looks quite bad ass. Initially we thought that the Thinker would be a smart but goofy figure like the Riddler in Batman and Robin. However the poster proves otherwise. The Thinker seems like a calm, confident and serious figure. To add further, he has quite the resemblance to X-Men’s apocalypse making him more lethal.

Barry Allen on the other hand looks rather calm quite unlike what he has been depicted in the last three reasons. Many over the internet are speculating of a showdown between the Flash and the Thinker but we think otherwise. This poster could rather signify a collaboration or a partnership as well as it is unclear at this point if The Thinker is the main antagonist or if he is doing the bidding of another speedster.

Flash in the third season is trapped in the time force, before he reappears courtesy of Cisco and Team Flash he releases the dark matter upon Central City once again , which results in the latest wave of meta-humans. yet it is unclear how exactly did The Thinker knew of these events and if he is indeed from the future?

All Flash seasons have had speedsters as their main villains. While the Thinker may be the main boss, we feel Barry will be his final pawn.