Backed By The PS4 Sony Is Set To Make The Biggest Profit Since 1998


The profits of Sony Game Division backed by the PS4 are prominently going to be the most favorable since 1998, as per a corporate analysis which was conducted by Bloomberg. Sony is forecasting that they are going to make sales of more than 60 million PS4s this year and considering the success of the console till now, it is neither impossible nor difficult.

For this generation, the PS4 has for sure been the most successful console, considering the insipid performance of PS3s  in the previous console generation. Benefiting from the fact that PS4 has better visuals than Xbox One as well as breath taking exclusives which are regularly nominated in various Game Of The Year categories it will come as no surprise that PS4 is slowly gaining an unassailable lead over its nearest competitor.

The profits of Sony’s Game Division are basically the reasons  for the overall profitably  gained by Sony in the past year which amounted up to 80% of the company’s net profit i.e. 73 billion yen. Keep in mind that this profit is before taxes which would be somewhere around 500 billion yen for the operating profits of Sony.

Combining all the profits altogether brought a stock increase for Sony of around 4.6 in the Tokyo Stock Exchange, and if this is true then since 1998, this would be Sony’s biggest profit. 1998 was considering a golden year of gaming which made Sony a gaming and entertainment giant. Maybe, history is repeating itself.

The year, 1998, witnessed the launch of Metal Gear Solid 1 and Parasite Eve. This year the PS4 has so far seen the exclusive releases of Nier Automata, Horizon Zero Dawn and Nioh amongst others. Hence it isn’t difficult to accept the fact that Sony is going to make around 500 billion yen this year around.

Let’s not forget that many of these successful games already have come out i.e. before the E3 happened. And it is still unknown what games will be announced in the PS E3 conference , I personally hope its God Of War, but I guess we will have to wait and see.