Dave Bautista Excited For Avengers: Infinity War

Avengers Infinity War


The Wolfhall takes a look at what Dave Bautista has revealed about his thoughts on the latest Avengers: Infinity War script

Marvel has finally brought us to the stage that we have all been waiting for. After carefully crafting different universes, its finally time to bring all of them together. Now its not about saving only the world but its about saving the whole universe. Avengers infinity wars is set to hit theatres soon and will have a lot to offer the fans.

Thanos who is considered the most lethal villains out there will be a threat this time and will require every bit of power out there to stop him. The Avengers will be joining with the Guardians of the Galaxy to remove this threat. As the date for the infinity wars come closer we see the internet bustling with news related to spoilers and fan theories. While some welcome these fan theories others resent them and try staying away from them as far as possible.

Fans are not the only ones that stay away from spoilers  Dave Bautista who will be playing the role of Drax the destroyer in the Guardians has also decided against reading the script of Marvel’s latest movie. Bautista regarding the issue on his Twitter account said that “I chose not to read it. Gods honest truth! I want to sit there with my bucket of popcorn and bag on M&M’s and be surprised!” 

While as a fan you may be able to get away from the spoilers we believe as an actor playing a major role you cant runaway from the reading the script. You might want to enjoy with a bucket of popcorn but you might have to do that with the script already in mind.

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