Avengers 4 Photos Revealed



While fans are gearing up for Avengers: Infinity Wars, we are bearing witnesses to some photos being released from the Avengers 4 production set. It looks like there are no breaks for Marvel’s production staff. The beginning of the Marvel cinematic universe was all aimed for Avengers: Infinity Wars. But it looks like Disney is it taking it one step further and not taking any rests.

Thanos, the lead antagonist in the Avengers: Infinity Wars is one of the most brutal villains our heroes will ever face. Many fans also realize the severity of Thanos and believe that there is no super villain as powerful as Thanos. While this may set things beautifully for Avengers: Infinity Wars, it might not do well for the future of the Avengers.

It's …. Japan.

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Once our superheroes beat the Avengers, fans think that there is no other threat available now to fight the Avengers and thus may lose interest in the franchise altogether. Thus, it makes it extremely imperative to make sure that fans are aware that there is a fourth installment coming soon after the third.

Four new photos of the Avengers were released courtesy of Joe Passori. Production at the time was being done in Tokyo. Plus, a Japanese girl is also shown with a man whose face isn’t visible but everyone thinks of him as Chris Evans.

The title of the Avengers 4 is still unknown. It is also not known as to what storyline will this movie follow and will we have the original Avengers or would they be replaced with new ones. We should better keep an eye out for more pictures and images to get more insights.

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