God Of War: Atreus Can Hold On His Own In Combat



Players need not worry about Atreus, the son of Kratos, as he is going to be competent and useful in God Of War, as per Cory Barlog

A highly anticipated PS4 exclusive game is God of War and we are all very eager to get our hands on it , however not much is known about the title as of right now but little tidbits of information are making its way through. One such is the role Atreus will play in the game.

During the E3 2017, the director of the game, Cory Barlog mentioned Atreus during a BTS of the discussion. Ever since the game has been unveiled, a lot of fans are stressed that the game will see Atreus as only a passenger and he wont have anything significant to add to the combat. Well that does not appear to be the case.

As per Barlog, Atreus is going to be a useful and competent companion. He will be utilized in battles and he is going to be in danger only when players put him in that position. Here’s what Barlog said during the E3 2017,

Atreus moves on the battlefield on his own. He’s competent enough to get out of the way when he pulls the attention of the enemies. There’s a risk/reward system there. You can use him in battle but, if you do it too much, he could get overrun and knocked out. He’s not dead, but you won’t have use of him until you go over and wake him up. The only time the son is in danger is when you put him in danger. I find that really fascinating, that you won’t have anyone to blame but yourself.”

So it does indeed appear that Atreus will not just be a bystander and will  be capable to hold on his own in each and every battle. Furthermore in a recent interview with Glixel it was also revealed by Cory Barlog that Atreus is actually the “brains” of the operations as he not only acts as the translator and interpreter for Kratos in a strange new world but he also has a dedicated button which allows him to attack the foe with arrows. It was also revealed that Kratos’s axe would be called Leviathan and was forged by the same Dwarven Smith’s who forged Thor’s Mjolnir .

It will be interesting to see how the dynamics of the two combine when God Of War releases in early 2018.