The Assembly Launches on PS VR!


An exciting launch of PlayStation Virtual Reality (VR) is due tomorrow at nDreams; a development studio that has expertise in VR games and experiences. Being huge fans of the amazing new Sony technology, they’re exhilarated to release their game The Assembly on PS VR. The first major title for high-end VR can be downloaded from the PS Store for $29.99.

For those who don’t know yet, The Assembly is nDreams long-form, first-person interactive story that is inspired from real-world anxieties and intended for a full-fledged audience. The player is able to play the role of two various protagonists, in the game, and is able to traverse a decently challenging corporation and be exposed to discrete information of the corporation from two different viewpoints. Throughout the game, the roster will be speculating the Assembly’s confidential underground bunker, face trials and make complication decisions but the question here is whether the actions of the player and the results save lives or invite more turmoil and havoc? I guess we’ll have to figure it out ourselves….

Keeping in mind the history of nDreams with Aurora, Xim and Blueprint: Home, the thought of the development studios zeal to the highly trending device seems to be pretty accustomed and that too, in an appropriate manner.

Being fans of PS since olden days, nDreams desires to commemorate The Assembly PS VR launch with something out of the ordinary for the loyal followers of the console. Due to this, all PS Plus Members are being offered 25% off the launch price and this offer will be up for two weeks (from 13th Oct to 27th Oct). Dear PS Plus Members, make sure you don’t miss this chance!!

Furthermore, a full 101 guide for the game was shared by nDreams, not so long ago; read it here.

A launch trailer of The Assembly on PS VR was launched as an exceptional treat for the PS community; watch it here


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