Arrow Update: New Vigilante – Ragman!


It can be argued that the new season of Arrow has been off to a pretty solid yet  unspectacular start. However all that can change with the introduction of Ragman , who is a hooded vigilante from the DC comic’s universe.Ragman was created by Robert Kanigher and Joe Kubert due to which there is a line of descent attached. There are a few reasons why Ragman is appropriate here. For a certain something, he played his role in the Day Of Vengeance mini-series, which had some free binds to the Justice Society, and they’re coming to Legends of Tomorrow.

Be that as it may, Arrow is still resolved to build up the enchantment elements of the CW superhero universe as an afterthought here, and Ragman is the ideal sort of “second string” enchanted DC character to do it with. Ragman was likewise an individual from a group called the Shadowpact. It will be interesting to see if this trend of introducing fringe characters from the DC universe continues in Arrow’s latest season, it would certainly breathe new life in the show which many feel has gone stagnant over the years.

Most fans of the show will agree that the first two seasons of the show were the best ones, and its success is what allowed shows such as the Flash a spot on prime time television. However in recent years Arrow has struggled to recapture the brilliance of the first few seasons, and only time will tell if the introduction of new characters can reinvigorate the series.