Arrow And Teamwork An Unlikely Match

Stephen Amell

Arrow’s season 4 finale turned out to be a rather bittersweet ending to a decent build-up. The dastardly plans of Damien Darhk and H.I.V.E were foiled by Team Arrow, although it was beginning to look like the evil duo was doing more damage than perceived. It took an all-hands-on-deck approach to defeat them both, with Thea, Laurel and Quentin arriving on scene as well. Sadly though, after defeating Damien and H.I.V.E, Team Arrow split up, which means we’ll be seeing the group with a few different members in season 5.
After Laurel’s death, it seemed inevitable for a few more threads to break, and they did. Quentin announced that he would be leaving Team Arrow, and it makes sense with him losing his job and his daughter recently. Thea also said that she would be leaving Star City and seek something subtle. The girl has had a rather troubling past and she deserves a vacation. Unexpectedly, Diggs also let it be known that he intends to take a breather.
Team Arrow is now down to just Oliver and Felicity for now. Curtis Holt, who had been helping Oliver and Felicity behind the scenes, is now going to step up and have more direct involvement in the Team. We feel it was about time Curtis got a bigger role to play in Team Arrow’s shenanigans.
Essentially, Curtis is going to be like Cisco in The Flash since his tech skills are going to be more hands-on from now on. Building new gadgets should not be a problem for the Team in season 5.
Another vigilante known as Wild Dog will be joining the Team in season 5, along with Artemis. This one is straight out of the DC Comics and a lot of fans are going to be excited to see this development take form. Wild Dog will take some time to find a spot suited to him on the Team. But for now, he is set to play a support role like Iris and Wally in The Flash. Whereas it will be interesting to see how Artemis develops as a character , as in the comics the mantle of Artemis was donned by Roy Harper.
While Team Arrow has been more about muscle on-field, season 5 might give a diversified look and feel to the group. We’ll know for sure when the show returns on 5th October. For now though it does seem that Team Arrow will play a lot along the dynamics of Team Flash , and a brave new world just might be what the show needs to get its edge back.
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