The Green Arrow Is Set To Face A Whole New Challenge In Arrow Season 6


The Wolfhall takes a look at some of the challenges that Arrow will face in the upcoming season

DC fans are getting all excited as Arrow directors set to release the latest season. One theme that many are expecting to come up in the latest season would be regarding the identity of Vigilante. However, like every good show our protagonist will face several other challenges along the way and reveal what major obstacles a super hero change.
One of these problems for Oliver Queen would be concerning Samandra Watson an FBI agent. She is expected in the show to come closer to Queen and make it difficult for Arrow to keep his identity hidden.

As reported by Heroic Hollywood the show’s executive producer Wendy Mericle regarding the issue said that “Oliver is going to be in some hot water, in a way we haven’t seen before. And Samandra Watson is going to be spearheading that cause. She’s going to get very close to the truth about what Oliver has been up to.”

Generally most super hero shows revolve around an antagonist and a girl that the hero aspires to attain one day. This is season however would be different as it would show yet another challenge for a super hero which is how he will keep his identity hidden.  This season moreover also would depict how Arrow would take his relationship with the team forward.

Arrow Season 6 will be intriguing to say the very least as we will finally find out who survived the blast on the Island, and we will amongst other things also get to meet Joe Wilson who is the son of Wade Wilson AKA DeathStroke. The character will be played by Liam Hall.

So with so much at stake it will indeed be intriguing to see the direction which Arrow Season 6 takes in terms of the story. Let us know what you expect of Arrow Season 6 by commenting in the comments section below.