Here’s What Happened In Arrow Season 6 Premier



The Wolfhall takes a look at what went down in CW’s long running superhero series Arrow season 6 premier.

The premier for Arrow Season 6 is finally here and it seems to be getting darker by the second. According to the Heroic Hollywood the season 6 would tease numerous character deaths. We may now know as to why so many deaths might take place.

While we the audience may know Green Arrow’s real identity, the residents of Star City do not.  But in a mysterious turn of events the tables have turned. Someone took a picture of Oliver Queen in the Green Arrow costume and distributed it.

Villains once knowing the identity of the Arrow can leverage it against him. Closed ones can now be targeted making them easy victims. Arrow might now always be there to protect them leading to more casualties in Star City.

As many of us had suspected and also predicted Samantha Clayton didn’t make it and now Oliver Queen has yet again been entrusted with the mantle of mayor. This leads to immense responsibilities for Queen. He now is the mayor, a father and a vigilante.  John Diggle, Quentin Lance and Thea Queen are expected to be alive while there’s still uncertainty over Ra’s al Ghul’s daughters.

Recently with the emergence of shows like Game of Thrones, popularity of conventional super hero shows is declining. The shows should be made more violent and should have surprising twists to keep the audience glued to their screens.

Arrow Season 6 premier started of on the right tone and threw us a couple of curveballs as well, however it will be interesting to see in what vein does the story continue for the rest of the season. As Arrow has at times became a bit too predictable.

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