Arrow Reveals Plan for 100th Episode


Arrow’s fifth season is about to start, we are all awaiting to see what’s in store for us this season. Our hooded vigilante, is now coming up to it’s 100th episode. It is practical to expect the season to start of with a surprise.

Having a look at social media platforms owned by the show, one path is certain, they are bringing back some of it’s most adored countenances, and Arrow is as of now exceeding expectations at this – we as of late discovery that both Jamey Sheridan and Katie Cassidy will be repeating their parts as Robert Queen and Laurel Lance .aka “Black Canary”. What’s surprising is that it has been uncovered that Susanna Thompson will likewise rise from the dead as “Moira Queen”


Given that Thompson was a necessary piece of Arrow for its initial two years, an appearance in the 100th scene isn’t too shocking — yet how she may show up might be an alternate story. In spite of the fact that her part is being kept under wraps right now, there are a few conceivable outcomes we may need to discount. With respect to Jamey Sheridan’s arrival as Robert Queen, official maker Marc Guggenheim affirmed that it wouldn’t be by means of flashbacks or the Flashpoint occasion that is at present occurring over on The Flash.


The mother of Oliver and Thea Queen, Moira was a pillar on Arrow for its initial two seasons until she was shockingly murdered by Slade Wilson directly before both of her kids. She was positively one of the show’s most profound characters, and all through both seasons, she battled between falling flat Starling City or sparing it — once in a while doing both. Also, this made her passing because of Deathstroke a standout amongst the most nerve wracking minutes the show has ever created. I believe it’s sheltered to say that we as a whole were shrieking at the TV set when the as of late chose chairman courageously stood up and offered herself to Slade — sparing her child from the inconceivable decision amongst her and his sister.

Without the family dynamic lately, the show has missed her nearness and a get-together of the whole Queen family would surely be a picture we might all want to see for the show’s 100th scene.

It’s anyone’s guess how Moira will reappear — when last we saw her, she was being killed by Deathstroke — but given Arrow‘s affinity for flashbacks, it’s probably safe to assume we’ll be seeing a past version of Oliver and Thea’s mother. Or given that the episode falls during the middle part of a crossover with Supergirl, The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow, Moira’s appearance could happen via time travel or another Earth.

Thompson will next be seen recurring on NBC’s Timeless, premiering Monday at 10/9c.

Arrow Season 5 premieres next Wednesday, Oct. 5 at 8/7c on The CW.