Arrow Fans Are Not Happy With The Direction Season 6 Has Taken



Arrow is one of the oldest super hero shows around town , yet it’s official subreddit went a drastic change recently. It has managed to amass a large fan following but now fans have decided to switch their loyalties. In the final chapter of the Crisis on Earth X, Oliver Queen Aka Arrow decided to marry Felicity Smoak. The development came following Barry Allen and Iris’s wedding. Needless to say fans did not take to kindly to the development.

There always has been a controversy when it comes to Oliver and Felicity heating things up. Fans this time however reacted quite ferociously by shifting their loyalty to the Punisher as they alter their subreddit to Netflix’s newest entry. The Punisher is perhaps the dark and gritty version of a superhero that Arrow should have been.

One of the Arrow fans on the Reddit website regarding the issue said that “If anyone from the CW network or ARROW writers is reading this, the reason ‘ARROW’ subreddit has changed to ‘PUNISHER’, is because well…Arrow is no longer what it used to be,” one of the site’s users says in a post explaining the change. “Season 5 was a back to form, but Season 6 is an utter disappointment. The forced Olicity wedding proved the show is for shippers. It’s a shame the writers haven’t learned their lessons from Season 3 and 4, and couldn’t let go of the Olicity obsession.”  

Well hard to disagree with Arrow fans , the show has been on a steady decline in the past couple of seasons. Season 5 was a bit of a return to the dark and gritty side of being a superhero, but Season 6 has once again failed to capture the imagination of the fans . The return of a mushy Oliver Queen is disappointing to say the very least

In contrast the Punisher has managed to develop quite a mark among the fans and it’s amazing take of how darkness can completely consume an individual. Furthermore it’s take on current issues for example the argument for and against for owning guns is done in a brilliant way and manages to portray both sides of the spectrum in the best way possible.

It’s hard to disagree with the fans here and I sincerely hope that Arrow’s writers and producers can stop the rot ASAP.